The Year 2017 considerably brings technologies to the industries and markets that substantially optimize the overall performance of each field. These industrious markets scale into new heights and new techniques towards reinventing itself favoring the masses. Whether it is a smartphone, artificial intelligence, or security innovations, there is visible development and progress in the field of technology. Fortunately, all of these can be a significant turning point for greater scientific advancement.

Technology widely dominates the whole world. Today, it is impossible to imagine a daily task without the help of a technological function. As the year 2018 progresses, new technology trends seem to surprise the markets again. Some of the best technologies in the market made available to the public are listed below.


AI Permeation – Artificial intelligence (AI) has found its way towards a broader market. Though the funding for its research and development is a bit substantial, it still manifests into almost anything such as ordinary kitchenware to a more complex device like medical tools. Since it is now available, it can assist mastering communications with humans. Also, it will start to make an appearance in almost every new platform, device, and app. Rather than focusing on one goal of removing a techno-apocalypse level in human existence, AI will become compulsory in all forms of technology to learn and evolve its response over time without human intervention.

Adaptive Security Architectures – Software or machine integrated networks and the ever-increasing involvedness of the traffic of data create a significant amount of security challenges. Therefore, the development of intelligent digital mesh, concrete-systematic architecture, and digital technology platforms is a must. The technological security needs to become equally adaptive to all source of data gathering and usage.  Security for the Internet of Things environment is particularly challenging and difficult. That is why taking precautions in the early stage and setting up a security network is highly recommended to avoid future breaching problems. 


5G Preparation – We already have the 4G or LTE technology in our devices. This one a faster system than 3G. However, Telco companies are not over just yet. 5G technology development is finally on its way to the market. 5G internet has the potential and power to be almost ten times faster than 4G. It will create an even better reliable internet service for most areas in the world. People will have a more revolutionized way of using the internet. From there, extensive preparation for developers, engineers, and consumers are expected. The progress of 5G will make the new generation deem more for internet advancement.


Augmented Reality And Virtual Reality – AR and VR are going to be a source of an integrated innovation that caters both business and consumer framework. The advancement is about technologies included and supported on mobile platforms.  Through this, there’s a possible evolvement on our views towards handling common tasks such as video conferencing and e-commerce. People can expect that the process can become more interactive and high tech.


Seamless Conversation – A few years ago, voice search was the mainstream even if it was very unreliable. But nowadays, voice search becomes fluid in creating a convenient optimization. That’s because Microsoft’s latest test voice recognition software can provide users with a 5.1 percent error rate. That’s due to the system’s improved recognizing speech. People can conclude that communication has finally found its way to a much more substantial role in everyday work activity.



It is challenging to conclude a lot of things just because of how rapid the trends will manifest for public demand. The type of devices, the system of technology, and science-based research will dictate its further development. Fortunately, one thing is for sure – the world is heading in the right direction with the emergence of new technologies.



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