Since history, humans spent thousands of years discovering the mysteries of Science. The journey of exploration, invention, and advancement allows them to integrate its applications into useful mechanisms. Now, we value the existence of science because it turned into technology and it alters the world entirely. It acts as a force that allows human control due to the convenience, comfortability, and accessibility of almost everything.

Innovation, science, and technology characterize a consecutively larger category of innovative programs. Some systems and functions are very interdependent, but all are unique in its ways and function. The field of science contributes to innovation and technological capacity in specific ways.


  • It serves as a primary source of ideas that are useful for new technical possibilities and applications.
  • It becomes the foundation of techniques and tools that support a more efficient engineering purpose and design. It helps a knowledge-based performance that controls the evaluation of viability and intervention.
  • It sustains laboratory techniques, research instrumentation and analytical processes used in data analysis. It attempts to find its way into design or proper industrial practice.
  • It practices the science of research and uses it as a source for expansion and incorporation of new human capabilities, understanding, and skills. It aims for the useful function of human to adapt to technology.
  • It assists the creation of knowledge-based information that aids in the validity of the assessment of technology regarding a much broader environmental, educational, and social impacts.
  • Science and technology enable more efficient techniques of applied research and development. It focuses on the refinement of the latest innovations.



The Contribution Of Science And Technology

The contribution of technology to science is equally important. It paves the way towards providing an abundant resource of fresh scientific questions. Therefore, it helps to substantiate the distribution of resources poured into developmental research in the field of scientific studies. It also provides the tools and instrumentation techniques to perform theories and apply it to real-world adaptation.

The development of technology remarkably improves the quality of life and aids social advancement in almost everything. There’s the invention of cars, ships, and planes that make transportation more comfortable and convenient. There’s an updated technology like GPS, Adaptive Cruise Control, Collision Warning Technology, Automatic Airbag Inflation, etc. that support its safe and accurate system.

People also take advantage of science and technology for everyday household purposes. The emergence of electricity brought people to an entirely new world. The domestic appliances help people economize time, money, and effort. The integrated communication system also created a way to end the gap of miscommunication. The Internet provides people the entertainment as well as the information they need on a daily basis.



The advancement of technology brings unprecedented improvement in the field of medicine too. A lot of incurable diseases before are now treatable, and medical procedures became more reliable and safe. That’s all because of the modern medical tools that increased precision and accuracy capabilities, minimizing human error. Modern technology allows researchers to have in-depth study about viruses and diseases. What took months and years of research before only takes a few days in highly advanced laboratories.

Although there are some increasing problems from the rapid advancement of technology, disregarding its means is not justifiable. Science and technology make lives more manageable and safer for human experiences. It provides everyone the awareness of its surroundings, advancement to industrial purposes, and innovation to a better existence. Its power positively affects the world.

Through science, technology, and innovation, the world steadily pushes to a more modernized future. Though it may not become a perfect and intangible system, it inevitably tries to create a world that can make people appreciate living.

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