The new advancement in today’s enlightened society is a sign of progress, growth, and quality. It determines basic human life through the science of information technologies or IT. It transforms lives, elevates humankind, changes lifestyles and helps the planet to become better than what it used to be.

By now, everyone knows the relevant role technology plays in the society since it finally makes the world smaller than ever through bridging distances by communication technology. But technology is a double-edged sword. That’s because it can potentially do well or create complete havoc.


The Technological Edge

  • Technology is an essential factor of information and knowledge. It is the channel that modernizes the world. It brings the society to major timely technological developments and advances in various occupational realms, healthcare promotions and functions, current global awareness, and human resources. It creates a significant impact due to the improvement of people’s quality of living.


  • Technology affects human life by providing the drive for change and brand new perspective in every aspect of human endeavor. There’s computer science, globalization, the cyber revolution, economic competition and a broad spread of knowledge through information technology, to name a few. These are only some of the particular factors of progress that continuously multiply within the impact of technology.


  • The progress of technology promotes a second internet generation or web 2.0. It is the social network that provides a way to develop human interaction, particularly in the medical field. It is due to the rapid development in the medical technology, which is one of the most significant contributors of research and advancement programs.


  • The information and communication technology (ICT) enables information to be processed and transformed in real time. It rapidly becomes an innovative strategic factor in any form of advanced education in many developing countries. The field of this particular technology doesn’t limit its potential to grow but aims to enhance every possible way of life through constant innovations. It brings developments in the field of entertainment, education, transportation, communication, military and many more.


  • Among the most impactful products of technology is the smartphone. Gone are the days when the only function of phones was only for texting and calling. Today, mobile devices can do almost anything with just a tap of a finger. Its computing power has been multiplied a thousand times and becomes more powerful than its personal computers. It can now act as a navigator, an entertainment system, medical guide, camera, and even a human body health monitor.


  • Most of the early developments of technology started within the military. Billions of dollars every year gets poured into research, maintenance, and development program for the armed forces alone. Since it is now clear how far the human can come regarding technological development, the emergence of innovative types of machinery makes everything seem smooth and attainable.


  • The use of technology helps to advance education. That’s because it enhances the students’ learning capability, critical thinking, imagination, and creativity. Technology even makes it possible for each student to learn things at their own pace since learning has now become more interactive than before. Through information and communication technology, students can now keep in touch with other students from different schools and collaborate in doing projects and activities.



Along with the benefits and advancements brought by technology are some disadvantages as well. People become more know-it-all, biased, and dependent on the functions of technology. The younger age finds it hard to imagine living without its aid. However, although the disadvantages are obvious, no one can doubt that the effects and impact of technology bring positive results in the world and society.



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