The younger generation contains no recollection of an era where technology is absent. Today the world is a fast-changing runway where the economic, social, cultural and even the political foundation of the society are redefined on a continual basis of information technology. The emergence of the internet in the 1960s, although commercialization of it started in 1980s, has altered the world entirely.


The Internet

The emergence of the internet makes everything possible. It creates a global system of interconnected computer networks. It uses the internet protocol suite or TCP/IP to link devices worldwide. This technology enables people to communicate and share information in real time. With the use of the World Wide Web, it gives the people the privilege to get in touch with the recent innovation, learn things without boundaries, and explore another world outside their comfort zones. The aid of devices such as computers and tablets make the process more convenient.



Internet And Education

The internet is widely available today for easy access to the younger generation’s learning system. The education all over the world makes use of the advantages of the internet for teaching, exploring, gathering data, and sharing information. Indeed, the internet becomes the most extensive library ever made. With all due respect to the physical dusty pages of an old book, the internet helps students specifically search for a topic, and many valid references appear in the browser ready for access. Its more time and energy efficient compared the traditional way of searching for information in big libraries. Countless references and a wide variety of choices are available instantly without the hassle of going through numerous sections in a physical library. Information technology paves the way for students to be more holistic, innovative and resourceful in their studies.

Quality education is now available thanks to the conception of the internet. With the aid of the internet, communication is far more comfortable and convenient. That’s because the internet supports the production and long-term progress of social media, electronic mails, online classrooms, and educational forums. Through the use of information technology, websites dedicated for educating students can now upload different educational contents to their database and share the information with the masses. But take note, some of these services get offered for free, while some may need to be bought due to copyright policies.



Information Technology

Information technology (IT) is the term coined for the usage of any computer, networking, storage, other physical devices, processes to create and infrastructure, and so on. It’s an innovation that secures and exchanges of all sorts of electronic data. It’s a technology that enhances the learning process, creation of information, configuring a system, and managing world records. It enables the youth to do a wide array of research and sharing of information all over the world with only a few clicks.

Academic and scientific conferences are still available for educational purposes today, but with the help of Information technology, students now access information from credible sources in the comfort of their own homes. Internet fills the gaps of physical distance, unprivileged education, and deterioration of facts.

The term information technology creates a specific distinction between purpose-built machines and learning system that is designed to perform on a limited scope of functions and operations.  A variety of tasks for the general purpose of innovation is easily programmed.

Information technology is not only enjoyed by the younger generation, but its application integrates thoroughly into the industrial, socio-economic and even political systems in the whole wide world. Although it is apparent that there are some dangers accompanied by the emergence of the Internet, its advantages are still way higher than its downsides.




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