The internet already made IT one of the most convenient and fun fields of technology due to its simple and made-easy tutorials, honest and opinionated reviews, and other additional information handed out to viewers and readers, updates to the latest innovation become easy to access. You can find tons of contents and videos every day. Though not all of the articles and videos may take everyone’s interests, there is always a particular one that captures the viewer’s attention when it comes to knowledge-based information. In this article, I will provide you the best websites that tackle everything about IT-related topics in its growing world.

Eli The Computer Guy – Eli the computer guy has a lot of great videos that are technology-based in his YouTube website. He creates a step by step tutorial too, he talks about being an IT, and share information about the latest on innovation.  The guy gives viewers the hundred percent truths about information technology whether it’s negative or positive. He is a great resource person with lots of IT knowledge.


Professor Messer – One of the top IT update providers in YouTube is Professor Messer. He hands out so many useful information as well as step by step tutorials on everything that is information technology-related. He earns popularity and becomes one of the people’s go-to choices when it comes to the latest about technology due to his clear and detailed instructions. Professor Messer also set technical training resources for most people who want to understand more about IT.

PC Addicts – Chris, on PC addicts has a lot of materials on his YouTube page as well. People love his videos about server administrations and power shell tips and tricks. The created videos are neat that viewers rated it as one of the well-organized and entertaining construction of the step by step tutorials. He’s a funny guy that understands a lot about information technology. That’s why people feel at ease and comfortable watching him on his videos.


RedditReddit is the best and biggest resource of IT that you will find on the internet. Due to tons of people on the website, everyone can share information in an instant. It becomes a place where people submit, rate, discuss, and post content about anything IT-related. There’s an assurance of tons of great answers from IT professionals themselves. The good part of it is the information you get are free. You can scroll through the different subtopics about IT that you like to know. You can immediately gather tons of knowledge.


Google – Of course, Google is the best tool that provides you with more than enough information you need. You can straightly look for everything in it. Whatever issue that you may have or whatever it is that you are looking for, and whatever it is you don’t understand, Google can provide answers.

If you are searching for the freshest updates on IT, check on these valuable resources. Watch their latest videos, read most of their contents, and participate in the discussion. All of these are essential because you will undoubtedly learn a lot.

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