The 2016 San Francisco Chief Financial Officer Leadership Forum, organized by Argyle Executive Forum, was held on January 20, 2016. The event spurred discussions on how to address the continually changing demands of the economy, as well as the Chief Financial Officer’s role in this.

Just like how business ideas and strategies continuously need to adapt to the times, its leaders must also be able to adjust to not fall behind. Over the years, the role of the company’s CFO has changed. The demands of the economy are different from what they were ten years ago, and a CFO needs to be well-equipped for any new challenges that might arise.


Bringing Together Finance Leaders From Different Industries

The event’s organizers invited key individuals to discuss a variety of matters, all relating to how the CFO and his finance department are vital members for a business to grow and move forward.

In his talk, Dave Kellog, the CEO of Host Analytics, touched on essential points on why the company’s finance team has shifted from being simple back-office support to being an integral strategic partner. Additionally, he shared some steps that CFOs and finance organizations must take to become better business partners to other existing teams within the company (e.g., sales, marketing, operations, etc.).


Panel discussions were also held for “Managing Risk in the Era of Innovation” and “CFO and HR Alignment” – both of which urged conversations on the issues a company might face, and what the CFO can do to address them.

Other topics that were discussed were “cost leadership,” “effective financial reporting tools that can improve workflow,” as well as different useful strategies for the ever-changing economy and market.

The forum was a whole-day affair that brought light to what the Chief Financial Officer’s role entails in the current times. To keep the business in the right direction, it is necessary for them to stay up-to-date and constantly re-evaluate their strategies.

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