In the universe of gaming, artificial intelligence refers to the actions, patterns, behaviors, and responses of non-player characters (NPCs). We have progressed far beyond (but are still firmly attached to) games like Contra and Mario, which only presented variation in a few aspects of the game. These days, AI adapts to gamer behavior as the player progresses through the story. 

Regardless of category—whether it is fighting, sports simulation, or real-time strategy—artificial intelligence, alongside programming and game design, has been a vital asset to modern-day society. Listed below are a few giant steps artificial intelligence and game design have taken in the gaming arena. A specific game illustrates how successful artificial intelligence has been.


1. Increase In Difficulty (Game: DOTA 2)

DOTA 2 is a multiplayer online action game that was initially a part of a more massive game, but the former outperformed the latter. The game is typically a five-on-five matchup where teammates have to coordinate with one another to destroy the opposing force’s base. Apart from that, players need to level up, kill monsters (or mobs), and defeat opponent heroes.

For the first time, world champion e-sports team OG lost back-to-back to OpenAI, a team developed by OpenAI, a company dedicated to research and development of artificial intelligence. It may not be impressive to everyone, but this is a significant milestone in combat strategy games. The back-to-back victory proves that artificial intelligence can defeat human intelligence. Think of the possibilities of AI applied in real-life strategy situations. The potential is limitless.



2. More Variety (Game: Pokémon Franchise)

Pokémon is a massive franchise, encompassing video games, trading card games, and even TV and movie adaptations. The video game branch is a role-playing adventure game that not only revolves around battling other Pokémon in a turn-based format but also exploring and collecting new Pokémon. Having been up and running for a little over two decades, there is no sign of stopping for this behemoth, with upcoming titles Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield scheduled for release. Beginning with 151 Pokémon, the roster has now grown to a whopping 807. Different formats are also offered, spanning from battling Pokémon in the wild to tournaments and competitions, as well as the Pokémon contests, among others.



3. Non-linear Story Progression (Game: Detroit: Become Human)

Do you like “choose your own adventure” games? Or do you want to experience the consequences of the choices you make in a game? Then it’s the best time to be alive right now.

Detroit: Become Human is a story-driven masterpiece wherein you control a group of characters as they (you) fulfill their destinies. The game is based on your pace and rhythm and has multiple endings based on the choices you make. In the opinion of many, this is what video games are supposed to be. They allow you to explore and decide for yourself what you want to happen, unfolding within a narrative that is not too restrictive in terms of gameplay and character growth.

If the advancements we mentioned flow into the mainstream, then gaming as a whole would grow into a unique experience, full of depth and delight.

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