In today’s world, every day can be incredibly stressful. Stress does not only come from the workplace but also our struggles. While we know the effects stress can have on our minds, sometimes we can feel at a loss on how to deal with it, especially when we feel overwhelmed.

One of the small but effective habits we can insert in our daily life is digital journaling. With the onset of technology, writing a daily log is more convenient and can relieve our minds. Here’s how:

Safe Space To Process Negative Experiences

Having a bad day? Write everything you’re thinking. Your journal is a safe space. You can express how a terrible day went and how you feel about it. You can write your unfiltered thoughts, free from fears of judgment. After a few hours of doing something else, you can even go back and read what you wrote. With fresh eyes and a calmer disposition, you can see how you react to negative experiences and improve from there. “Look at negative thoughts like reruns of a TV show you’ve seen a million times. Let them play in the background while you shift your focus to something else.” explains Jo Eckler, PsyD, a therapist in Austin, Texas.



Progress Tracker Of Habits And Goals

Do you often find yourself stressed about how you never seem to get anything done to achieve your goals? Journalling can help you track your daily progress, whether you’re trying to track how you spend your money or if you’ve managed to survive a day without caffeine or cigarettes.

Don’t fret if you aren’t always reaching your goals. What’s important is that you are honest with yourself, your capability, and your desire to achieve your goals regardless. By having a daily touchstone for our goals, we are not only assured of our progress, but we also remember how we should be spending our days. “The best progress happens when you apply what you’ve learned outside that setting, in your real life.” Alicia H. Clark, Psy.D. said.

Unique Opportunity For Creativity

It’s your journal; your creativity can run wild. You can fill your journal with anything and everything you want. Feel like doodling? You can fill out a whole page with drawings and letterings. Want to try some fancy fonts and prints? You can experiment with your journal headers. On days you feel restricted, using your journal as a creative space can help alleviate stress.

Tool For Mind Decluttering

When we are full of racing thoughts and worries, having a place to dump everything is a relief. By emptying our minds, we have enough space again to think. “Clutter can play a significant role in how we feel about our homes, our workplaces, and ourselves. Messy homes and work spaces leave us feeling anxious, helpless, and overwhelmed.” Sherrie Bourg Carter Psy.D said.

This mental clarity is crucial in effective decision-making. When we make decisions while we’re overwhelmed, chances are we’ll make the wrong choices. The exhaustion your mind has when you keep your thoughts to yourself maybe what’s hindering you from getting work done.

Give your mind space to breathe when it needs to do the heavy lifting. You’ll be surprised how decluttering can help you.

While our everyday struggles may seem impossible to overcome, we shouldn’t lose hope. We have to live our days in ways that can help us deal with what goes on in our lives. By creating a small daily habit of journaling at least 15 minutes a day, we can help our minds cope in multiple ways. 

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