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It was the European Committee of the Regions that made the 2017 Communication Field Conference possible. The event was attended by over 600 communication professionals who were eager to learn more about public communication and how to improve it. Some of the speakers were tasked to encourage the citizens to increase their awareness of the appropriate open communication practices. Communication managers were also among the guests at the conference.

Who are these communication managers, and what do they actually do?

Roles Of A Communications Manager

The communication manager is responsible for promoting a company’s products and services, and most importantly, the company’s mission and vision. He works with the different management teams, supervisors, and executives, to mold the company’s reputation and values, including the methods of how to communicate these values to the public. He identifies press opportunities and is also tasked to create content that needs to be disseminated to the public through social media, newsletters, emails, websites, and press releases.

The primary purpose of hiring a communications manager is so that information about a company, its brand, and its mission is effectively promoted to the public. A communications manager for an art organization says that she does her job effectively by spreading the word about the company by looking for potential media resources and sharing exciting stores. She manages the company’s websites and creates marketing materials that would further increase public awareness about the organization.

So how can you excel as a communications manager?

Of course, it pays to be knowledgeable about the company you’re working for. Second, you must have the passion and a strong desire to grow personally and to be the best in your field. It also takes a lot of self-determination to be in the role, to stay in it, and to succeed.

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If you are proficient in the field of analytics, that would be a great plus, including possessing a positive attitude and mindset. If you don’t, nobody will want to work with you if you’re always stressed and unable to take control of the challenges that you or the whole company goes through. It does make a significant difference when you love the company that you work for – and the job that you’re in.



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