Have you seen Kim Kardashian’s tweet a few weeks ago on what to do during a lockdown? She said, “Look at apps,” and she has a point. I do not mean that you use your mobile phone 24/7 to check what is in every single minute. But since the new norm now is working from home, Zoom meetings, distance learning education, and online shopping, online grocery, or online orders for fine cuisine that is up for delivery, why not look at apps that might help your physical and mental wellbeing at this time?

I have learned to use three apps the last month alone since I imposed self-quarantine. Our boss at the firm was aggressive, and by the first week of March, we were all working from home. He just set it out as a company procedure, a precautionary method, in case the virus would infect any of the employees because frankly, we do not know how to keep Coronavirus away from us. It was a good move on his part, at least, we were protected earlier, and we were still making a living.

I was not that busy at home, even if we took our workload. I mean, if we were at the office, the shift would have been tight since I talk to people nonstop from 9 to 5. But since everything is remotely done, people took it easy these days, and only a few would dial the phone and talk to me. I mean, being a credit specialist, people are not looking forward to loaning at this time since there is no business fully open. So, instead of working 8 hours, I was working for just about 4 or 5 max. At times, it was 2 or 3 hours a day. Am I earning the same? Fortunately, yes. I am paid by the day. Lucky me!


Anyway, what do I do with my extra hours? I followed what Kim Kardashian said, she is a genius bombshell by the way, and I looked at apps.

First, I discovered, and really, I was amazed that everything was on YouTube. I learned how to:

  1. Use grocery bought vegetables and plant them. I have a mini-garden in my balcony, which consists of garlic, tomato, green onions, and lettuce. Seeing these veggies, re-growing makes me feel so happy. It’s like I am forgetting that there is a pandemic going on!
  2. Workout three to four times a week. I followed this beautiful woman by the name of Chloe Ting, and she has all sorts of workout videos targeting body parts. What she is doing is amazing. I don’t think Chloe is an exercise guru. She is just a normal and gorgeous woman who wants to share her first-hand experience in exercising and losing inches/weight. She even shows what she eats, and truly, she eats healthy. I followed her meal one time, and well, let’s say, I need to eat more of those fruits.
  3. Concoct DIY beauty products. I now have a facial mist, a toner, a charcoal mask, and facial scrub all because of YouTube.

I may be late about YouTube because I was busy with my work life. To be honest, I did not go out much, and for me, life was work. During this quarantine, I had the chance to improve some little things about myself. And YouTube helped me with that – cooking, sewing, changing locks, new music, making a scrapbook, folding paper, doing make-up, and many more.

Second, I discovered Totok. And so, everywhere I went, I and my sisters, or friends were in Totok. Totok is a messaging app based in Abu Dhabi since one of my sisters work there. It is free for now and does not require a VPN when video calling. At least, even if we are all far apart and cannot visit each other, Totok helps us out with the loss of physical presence.


Lastly, I discovered mental health apps. I have anxiety, and one of the ways I can cope is to talk to someone who also understands my situation. Once a day, I check the app, talk, and reach out. You know, it could be the end of the world or plague from God. We, as people, need to reconnect.

See, I could tell you more about apps, and it would take me the whole day. Kim K was so right. Let’s see what you can discover while tinkering the PlayStore or the AppStore.

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