While on lockdown, it was so convenient to have a reliable internet connection and a recently purchased Apple iPhone. No one in our home was bored, not unless the internet was not performing at high speed or the phone battery was dead. If that happens, you would hear: “Mom!!! The internet!!!” It’s as if “mom” is the witch who can bring the Wi-Fi back up. Still, it was a blessing that we have this technology at home, and the lockdown, quarantine, or pandemic – whatever term would suffice – has become bearable.

Anyway, if you will indulge me, let me tell you what I have installed on my accommodating Huawei Y Max (I like them big and cheap) and how it has made me sane during the lockdown.


We all know what Spotify does, right? You type a song that you like on the SEARCH bar and then add it to your playlist. It is also possible for you to make an album out of the songs that you have downloaded. For example, the FEEL GOOD album. Then, all of your refreshing and inspiring songs are listed in that. I have that FEEL GOOD album which I call “Kimmy,” my name. I had played it many times during this lockdown when I was down, weary, and ready to give up.

Have you heard of Snoh Aalegra? This woman has a sultry voice that can raise the hairs behind your neck. She also happens to be the squeeze of Michael B. Jordan, oh that man. He is in one of her videos too. When life has taken its toll, I would play that album, lie down on the floor, close my eyes, and just feel it. After fifteen minutes, I am good as new.


When you are a single mom with three teens at home, reduced hours at work due to the pandemic, and struggling to make ends meet, it can get very intense. Sometimes, loneliness and the feeling of helplessness will creep up on you, and it can make you weak. Music, believe it or not, can make your heart and mind strong again.


When I need a break, this is my go-to app. I stop whatever I am doing, go to my room, put on the earphones, and tap Netflix. This series is so wonderful. It is called Dolly Parton’s Heartstrings. The series is composed of eight stories that were connected to Ms. Parton’s famous songs.

Most of the protagonists and lead actors were empowered women and how they have changed or lived their lives. I could not count the buckets of tears that fell while I was watching. My son even caught me one time and thought that I was crying because of their dad. Oh, boo-hoo. Not anymore. I would not anymore shed a tear for that guy. I am past that and will continue to move forward without any hurt or pain.



You can find anything and everything on YouTube. It is not just about music videos or celebrity vlogs. It contains whatever. Even ordinary people like us have something to say, and they are all on YouTube. I used this often during the lockdown to ease my boredom. Yes, boredom. You heard that right. When I was bored, I would tap YouTube and search for anything that came to mind.

One time, I searched about “growing garlic at home.” I did it too. It was also a tool for me to learn about many things. I, one time, searched about organic skincare and taught myself how to mix oils. Until now, I am using it – Argan Oil, Castor Oil, and Lavender Essential Oil to moisturize my face. On YouTube, I also saw HudaBeauty and learned how to contour my face. I also did about 10 minutes of yoga daily because of YouTube.

Now that lockdown has been lifted, I still find myself using these three apps. These three critical apps, for me, has been my “companion” during the lockdown season.

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