Technology is all around us in this new age of varied modern advancements. We have come such a long way from how we used to live. Everything in our world today has been made easier with the progress that we have with technology. From having flip phones to having touch screens and from snail mail to email, communication has been one of the biggest things to have ever developed for us.

With friends and family moving far places, it has been easier for us to get to talk to them through our cell phones. Back then, we had to write a letter and wait a month for them to receive it and another month for us to receive their reply. In today’s world, if someone does not reply to you within an acceptable amount of time, we assume that something wrong must have taken place or for the younger generation, we automatically assume that we got ghosted after not receiving a reply after a day or two.


This is how our world works today. We all heavily rely on technology and smartphones and the internet for everything in our day to day lives. People have called this being social in a different way but when we think about it, being glued to our phones or our gadgets has made us asocial or indifferent to the people who are actually there with us in the real world. We become absent in our reality to become present in our virtual lives. This is why some families have a difficult time connecting and building a relationship with each other because everyone is so focused on their own virtual realities that they neglect to nurture their real-life relationships.

On the other hand, some families use technological advancements to their advantage. What happens is that when the family is apart, they use their phones and other gadgets to be able to talk to the people they love no matter the distance. No need to wait for months for an update. Some families also use phone apps to create a stronger bond with each other. Parents have been trying to get more involved in their children’s lives through technology.


Having such amazing progress with modern technology has its own set of pros and cons but either way we look at it, just like anything else, too much of a good thing becomes bad. It is clear that parents have to know where to draw the line with their kids using the internet because like Peter Parker’s Uncle Ben said, “With great power comes great responsibility.”

Right now, the internet is such a scary place, especially for our children. Many dangers lurk in the vast power of the internet and if parents do not watch over what their kids do on the internet, they may fall prey to a lot of disturbing things. It is always good to give them their own privacy but of course, as parents, we should never give them too much freedom especially with what is happening in our world today. This does not mean that we have to restrict them from talking to their friends or to their peers.

Being their parents does not equal us being their wardens. After all, they too have their own lives to live and they too need to be able to connect with people outside of the family. We always have to learn to guide them and never control them because the more we control them, the more they act out. We know this, we have been there too. We too were once young and we know what it is like to be a kid. The only difference is we grew up in a time where juice packs were still a thing and playing outside was the ultimate goal.


Although we grew up in different times, the experience remains the same. Technology might have changed that but it is up to us, as parents, to figure out how we can use this to our advantage and how we can interact and connect with our kids without being too in their faces.

What we have now is an advantage especially with everyone being stuck at home. This is our chance to get to know and understand how our kids live their lives and this is how we figure out how we can insert ourselves in that development stage.

Remember that we are guides and not bosses, teachers not wardens, family not jury. We have to take everything into consideration and be the best parents we can be even if, at times, we do not understand how things work. Comparing our childhood and adolescence to theirs is never a good thing because like I said, technology has changed the pace of this world. So, we either learn and adapt or sink and stay down.



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